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My Story

For over ten years, I have been building my artistic knowledge, skill, and community to become the creator that I am today. This is my story and my journey. It is a pleasure to get to share it with you!

Photo of Leah smiling, holding a paintbrush, standing in front of a mural she painted.

Welcome to ArtaBella, a company brought to life through ten years of practice, dedication, and passion. My name is Leah Seaman, and I am a full time artist based out of Columbus, Ohio. 


My journey as a professional artist started in the eighth grade with a drawing of an adorable dog and a social media post of that piece, which then resulted in my first commission! Since then, it has been a crazy adventure to discover and hone my craft as an artist, exploring and mastering mediums such as acrylics, oils, and graphite.   


Over the past decade, I have partnered with  business, medical, and non-profit organizations alike to bring their artistic visions and needs to life. I have also had the privilege to work with hundreds of private patrons to produce richly personalized pieces of art that have revitalized memories, honored lost loved ones, brought hidden visions to life, and captured valued images. With the assistance of a monetary award from Marietta College's 2021 Pio Biz Entrepreneurship competition, I was able to officially establish my business, ArtaBella, in January 2021 and turn my side-gig into a full time career. Since then, I have been on an amazing journey to expand my portfolio, work with some truly wonderful clients, and take on exciting new projects, including illustrating my first children’s book as well as venturing into on-site live- painting as a wedding and special events artist. 

My work has been accepted in numerous exhibits, including the 2019 West Virginia Juried Art Exhibit, the Marietta College Juried Student Art Show, and the 2020 West Virginia Emerging Artists Exhibit, where my piece received second place in this state-wide competition. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in the Lorenzo de’ Medici Student Art Show, while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. 


When I’m not focusing on growing ArtaBella or finishing a new commission, I am working towards my life goal of traveling to all seven continents, finishing my extensive to-be-read pile of books, or learning more about the world around me through educational material, podcasts, and long conversations with people over a cup of coffee. My true passion, however, is my art. My craft makes me feel like a super-hero whose power comes from the positive visual impact that my pieces have on the world around me. There is something truly humbling about having the opportunity to bring a little more joy and a little more beauty into this world for family, friends, and strangers alike. I honor the process of partnering with my clients to bring more masterpieces into this world and I hope that you will someday decide to work with me to bring to life a one-of-a-kind art work of your own!


My Journey in Photos 

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