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Photo of married couple looking at a painting and smiling

Customer Testimonials 

See what former patrons are saying about my work! 

Photo by Vaughan house Photography 

"Leah did an amazing job recreating this image from our wedding. All I did was email her this photo from our wedding and she made this masterpiece as a Christmas gift for my husband!" 

-Alissa T.

Painting of a newly wed couple holding each other
Live Wedding Painting of first Dance

"Leah did such an amazing job capturing our day on canvas, and she also did a great job interacting with our guests as she painted. Guests got to see how the painting unfolded throughout the night which made it very fun and interactive and the end product was astounding!"

-Sarah C.

"She painted our wedding and I was absolutely floored with the quality and detail!"

-Kayley L.

Live wedding painting of first kiss
Live wedding painter with her clients

"Leah painted at our wedding and it could not have turned out more perfect! Leah is also one of the kindest people you could ever meet!! If you want an unforgettable experience for you and your guests at your wedding...don't even think twice about it and book her now!"

-Hayley W.

"ArtaBella live painted the first dance with my wife at our wedding and I couldn't recommend her enough! The painting was a huge attraction for our wedding guests and the beautiful art we recieved at the end has become our most prized possession! I can't recommend this artist enough." 

-Gabriella S.E.

Live wedding painter with her clients
Live wedding painter with her clients

"ArtaBella has completed two paintings for our family- a live painting of our daughter's first dance and a portrait of my hunting dog. The process of working with Leah is awesome and she is so committed to capturing the moment with beauty and precision."

-Eric R.

"One of the easiest wedding planning decisions was hiring ArtaBella. She made our first dance quite literally come to life and we are obsessed with how this painting turned out. Thank you SO much!"

-Kaity H. 

Live wedding painting of the first dance
Painting of a grandmother holding her two grandkids.

"My grandma passed away four years ago & never got to meet Adalee or Talen. ArtaBella has painted us the most beautiful picture ever! We can’t thank you enough, brought tears to everyone’s eyes!! She does amazing work!!!!!!!!"

-Aubri A.

"Leah’s work is absolutely AMAZING! She did my graduation cap in 2 short days and it looked stunning. She did exactly what I wanted and asked for it to be! I highly recommend her, you won’t regret it."

-Jenna B.

Photo of a graduation cap that Leah painted, with a dreamcatcher at the top and text below.
Drawing of a father and daughter

"Leah has always been able to bring happiness to those through her art. As my wedding approached I realized I had no recent photos of my dad and I before he had passed. Leah was able to morph two photos into one and gave me the precious gift of a lifetime. She is an amazing artist and friend with a heart full of gold. ArtaBella is a reflection of Leah’s talent and selflessness."

-Brooklyn D.

"We could not be more pleased, thrilled, or shocked at how this turned out. I told Leah afterwards that I knew it would be good because I've kept up with her art for a little while and knew what she was capable of, but when you see it done for your own event it becomes so much more real and stunning. Couldn't have asked for anything better!"

-Lauren M. 

Live wedding paintind of the first dance
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