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Photo of a live painter painting


Scroll to see some of my latest media coverage! For questions about my work or media inquiries, please see the link below to contact me directly. 

Artist painting a mural

Created by Leah Seaman, Wall Mural at Bridgeport City Pool Near Completion

Local artist Leah Seaman was able to fit a whole lot of Bridgeport on a 54-foot wall. Seaman is under contract to create a colorful mural on the concrete wall adjacent to Bridgeport City Pool."From my point of view, we have taken an ugly wall and made it cool and beautiful. Our committee worked with the artist to create a piece of art that represents Bridgeport, family value, and some of our fun and iconic sites," Shuttleworth said. 

Artist talking about her work

Spring Bridal Show returns to the Meadowbrook Mall

The Meadowbrook Mall was filled with brides-to-be on Sunday afternoon for its annual Spring Bridal Show. Twenty Three vendors were set up around the mall to showcase their craft and services to couples and their families who will soon be having a wedding. Some of the vendors included DJs, live music, make and hair stylists, wedding attire and a live painter, who will paint pictures at your wedding.

Black and white drawing of lion with mane

Born to Be an Artist-Leah Seaman

The gift of imagination is one thing, however the gift of creating a work of art, right on the spot as the scene plays out, is another. Artist Leah Seaman – also known as ArtaBella – residing in Philippi, West Virginia, delivers her artistry straight to clients by capturing their special moments in time, such as a wedding kiss, champagne toast or first dance, expertly painted before events end.

Artist standing in front of farm themed mural

New Mural Commemorates Barlow Fair's 150th Anniversary

The oldest independent fair in Ohio celebrated its 150th year with a commemorative mural painted by recent Marietta College graduate and full-time artist, Leah Seaman. The mural celebrates many of the fair’s most popular and prominent features, from the Roundhouse building and fair rides to the tractor pull and the many animals showed by the local agricultural community each year, and graces the side of the sheep and goat barn.

Photo of river themed mural

Local Artists Add Splash of Color on River Trail 

Underneath the Putnam Street Bridge, nearly a dozen artists have been hard at work transforming the tunnel along the bike path into an underwater dreamscape. Coordinated by the Marietta Main Street Public Art Committee and designed by four talented local artists, the hand-painted mural wraps around the tunnel’s entire interior, stretching the width of the bridge.

Photo of Leah smiling.

Leah Seaman- I Pioneer

Read more about Leah's journey as a Marietta College Pioneer. From her first year till graduation, she has worked to pioneer the arts in her small home community and be an example for young artists of the kinds of successes they can hope to achieve if they pursue their passion.

Photo of people holding landscape paintings

Inspiration stems from Barbour County for Myers Clinic's New Paintings

The artwork of Barbour County native Leah Seaman will be displayed throughout the halls of Barbour Community Health Association’s Myers Clinic.

Photo of Leah smiling

PioBiz victory lifts young entrepreneur’s confidence

Following a five-month delay, Leah Seaman ’21 (Philippi, West Virginia) was recently named the Business Plan winner of the 2019-20 PioBiz.

Live painter painting

How Live Wedding Paintings Can Create Everlasting Memories

There are numerous ways to capture memories at your wedding. Besides your photographer and videographer, you can incorporate photo booths, drones, live-streaming and much more. But why not take it back to one of the first ways of preserving a memory? Yes, we're talking about live wedding paintings.

Photo of ArtaBella's logo.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Leah Seaman was recently named the Business Plan winner of the 2019-20 Marietta College PioBiz. Her business idea — ArtaBella, which is based on selling hand-painted clothing, commissioned artwork and her personal artwork, won $7,000

Photo of Leah talking about ArtaBella.

Marietta College student kick-starts art career by winning business competition

 "If I hadn’t been involved in this competition, I don’t think I would be going into it professionally right now, because it provided that competitive structure I needed to really formulate the practical side of business. It’s not 'oh I think I’m going to paint pictures', it’s 'I’ve established my accounting, my insurance, my bank account, and set myself up for success',” said Seaman.

Photo of Leah presenting art

Leah Seaman ’21 earns $1,000 Winston Scholarship

After submitting some of her work to the regional chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letters, Seaman was awarded a $1,000 prize for the Winston Scholarship in Two-Dimensional Art, qualifying for the annual national competition.

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