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Hi! My name is Leah

Welcome to ArtaBella.

ArtaBella is a company brought to life through ten years of practice, dedication, and passion. 

 My artistic vision is a world in which everyone has access to stunning artwork that connects them as human beings with stories to tell, memories to keep alive, and beauty to embrace.

My mission is to provide my clients with beautiful, skillfully painted masterpieces that tell their stories, continue their legacies, and capture their most treasured moments for generations to come. 

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For over ten years, I have been building my artistic knowledge, skill, and community to become the creator that I am today. This is my story and my journey. It is a pleasure to get to share it with you!

My journey as a professional artist started in the eighth grade with a drawing of an adorable dog and a social media post of that piece, which then resulted in my first commission! Since then, it has been an adventure to discover and hone my craft as an artist while exploring my voice and style within each piece.  

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Personal Notes

When I’m not focusing on growing ArtaBella or finishing a new commission, I am working towards my life goal of traveling to all seven continents, finishing my extensive to-be-read pile of books, or learning more about the world around me through educational material, podcasts, and long coffee chats with people. I thoroughly enjoy bringing new recipes to life and creating connections over a delicious, home cooked meal.


My true passion, however, is my art. My craft makes me feel like a super-hero whose power comes from the positive visual impact that my pieces have on the world around me. There is something truly humbling about having the opportunity to bring a little more joy and a little more beauty into this world for family, friends, and strangers alike. I honor the process of partnering with my clients to bring more masterpieces into this world and I hope that you will decide to work with me to bring to life a one-of-a-kind art work of your own!


Photo of Leah Seaman
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